Chapter 4. Where to start

In a better world, we shouldn’t have to prepare for interviews. In an ideal world, there shouldn’t be interviews at all. Unfortunately, in our world, for our ability to be favorably assessed, we need to prepare.

This preparation is a lifelong process and should begin way before you start applying for any job. It includes building up your portfolio, experience, skill sets, and network. You can only write a good resume if you have good things to put on that resume.

If you’re only thinking about it now that you want a job, it’s not too late. Regardless of what job you do now, keep on preparing so that you can put your best foot forward for your next job search.

This section covers the resources to strengthen your application. They include free online courses, books, articles, tools to familiarize yourself with, etc. The level of preparation you can commit to depends on your timeline.

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