About the answers

I started the book with the naive optimism that I’d write the answers for every question in this book. It turned out writing detailed answers to 300+ technical questions -- while juggling a full-time job, a teaching gig, a raging pandemic with a couple of family members in the hospital -- is a lot.

Given the slow progress I’ve been making, I’ve decided that publishing the draft then continuing writing/crowdsourcing the answers might be more productive. The first draft of the book has the answers for about 10% of all the questions. These existing answers, while I believe to be sufficiently mathematically rigorous, prioritize intuitive explanations over mathematical equations. The answers for the questions will be continually updated. Answer contribution via the book’s GitHub repository is much appreciated.

Hiring is a process, and questions aren’t evaluated in isolation. Your answer to each question is evaluated as part of your performance during the entire process. A candidate who claims to work with computer vision and fails to answer a question about techniques typically used for computer vision tasks is going to be evaluated differently from a candidate who doesn’t work with computer vision at all. Interviewers often care more about your approach than the actual objective correctness of your answers.

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