4.3.3 Other resources

  1. Official tutorials from TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras are all great.
  2. Kaggle kernels.
  3. StackOverflow and StackExchange.
  4. Wikipedia.
  5. distill.pub.
  6. Google Colab54 seedbank.
  1. rooftopslushie.com: detailed description of interview processes at big companies.
  2. Acing AI Interviews: collections of questions asked at AI interviews at big companies. No answers though.
  3. interviewing.io: take anonymous technical interviews and watch anonymous technical interviews.
  4. Sebastian Ruder’s NLP newsletters. It’s mind-boggling how much information Sebastian manages to distill into each newsletter. Useful to keep track of how the field progresses.
  5. Advice for Applying to Data Science Jobs by Emily Robinson, 2018.

54: As of 2021, you can access free GPU on Colab.

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