My work focuses on the intersection between Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. I’m especially interested in representation learning for textual data, machine translation, automatic evaluation metrics for machine translation, and dialogue systems.

The Propagation of Lies: Impeding the Spread of Misinformation
H Nguyen, C Huyi, P Warren
Detect echo chambers and recommend content of different perspectives. Spotlight talk at Prioritising Online Content workshop, NIPS 2017. Americas’ regional winner for Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018.

MEWR: Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation without Reference Texts
H Nguyen, J Chang
Unsupervised translation score with strong correlation with BLEU score and human evaluation. Poster at Women in Machine Learning 2017.

AI Meets Online Dating: Predicting Attractiveness in Profile Picture
T Leavitt, H Nguyen
Predict the attractiveness of people from their facial images using facial landmarks, matching human rating 74% of the time.

Neural Networks for Automated Essay Grading
H Nguyen, L Dery
Automatically grade essays using bi-directional LSTM. Achieved a QW-Kappa score of 0.945 compared to 0.814, Kaggle winner.