My work focuses on the intersection between Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. I’m especially interested in representation learning for textual data, machine translation, automatic evaluation metrics for machine translation, and dialogue systems.

The Propagation of Lies: Impeding the Spread of Misinformation
H Nguyen, C Huyi, P Warren
Detect echo chambers and recommend content of different perspectives. Spotlight talk at Prioritising Online Content workshop, NIPS 2017. Americas’ regional winner for Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018.

MEWR: Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation without Reference Texts
H Nguyen, J Chang
Unsupervised translation score with strong correlation with BLEU score and human evaluation. Poster at Women in Machine Learning 2017.

AI Meets Online Dating: Predicting Attractiveness in Profile Picture
T Leavitt, H Nguyen
Predict the attractiveness of people from their facial images using facial landmarks, matching human rating 74% of the time.

Neural Networks for Automated Essay Grading
H Nguyen, L Dery
Automatically grade essays using bi-directional LSTM. Achieved a QW-Kappa score of 0.945 compared to 0.814, Kaggle winner.


Sep 12, 2019: State-of-the-art Machine Translation
SlatorCon San Francisco

Jul 27, 2019: Massive datasets for Deep Learning
Guest lecture for UC Berkeley’s CS251W class

Jul 19, 2019: NLP in TensorFlow
Southeast Asia Machine Learning School (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Apr 20, 2019: MEWR - Machine Translation Evaluation without Reference Texts
GDG Cloud SF’s IWD Celebration (San Francisco, USA)

Jan 26, 2019: Understanding evaluation metrics for language model and their implications
Google DevFest 2018 (San Francisco, USA)

Dec 22, 2018: Career in AI
VietAI Summit (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Dec 2, 2018: Mixed-precision training in TensorFlow with OpenSeq2Seq
NVIDIA Expo at NIPS (Montreal, Canada)

Aug 25, 2018: Career in IT
Vietnamese students in USA (Chicago, USA)

Apr 20, 2018: AI for developing countries
SVAI Download (Mountain View, USA)

Jan 25, 2018: TensorFlow Tutorial
Guest lecture for Stanford’s CS224N class

Dec 26, 2017: Computer Science Education - Lessons from Silicon Valley
Hi-tech Wednesday (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Dec 9, 2017: Mitigating the spread of fake news by identifying and disrupting echo chambers
Spotlight talk at NIPS Workshop on Prioritising Online Content (Long Beach, USA)

Aug 5, 2012: Traveling is an equal opportunity
[email protected] (Hanoi, Vietnam)