Chip Huyen

I’m Chip Huyen, a writer and computer scientist from Vietnam and based in Silicon Valley.

I graduated with BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, where I created and taught the course TensorFlow for Deep Learning Research.

I’m currently with a startup that focuses on the machine learning production pipeline.

Previously, I was with NVIDIA, Netflix, Primer, (acquired by VNG). I helped launch Coc Coc - Vietnam’s second most popular web browser with 20+ million monthly active users.

When not doing matrix multiplication, I write, travel, and imagine myself exercising. After high school, I went to Brunei for a 3-day vacation which turned into a 3-year trip through Asia, Africa, and South America. I’m also the author of four bestselling Vietnamese books. I’m working on an English book on machine learning interviews.

Some of my current projects:

  • SOTAWHAT: script to query and summarize state-of-the-art AI research results.
  • lazyNLP: library to scrape and clean web pages to create massive datasets.
  • OpenSeq2Seq: toolkit for efficient experimentation with Speech Recognition, Text2Speech and NLP
  • NeMo: a toolkit for conversational AI
  • StanfordIRL: chronicle of the amazing things people do after Stanford.
  • VietAI: a nonprofit working to educate future AI talent about AI for social good.
  • Free Hugs Vietnam: a nonprofit that provides soft skills for Vietnamese youths.

If you have any question or want to discuss possible collaboration, feel free to shoot me an email. I’m always open to meeting interesting people.