Designing Machine Learning Systems (O’Reilly 2022)

This book discusses a holistic approach to designing ML systems. It considers each design decision–such as how to process and create training data, which features to use, how often to retrain models, and what to monitor–in the context of how it can help your system as a whole achieve its objectives. The iterative framework in this book uses actual case studies backed by ample references.

Here’s its GitHub repo with the full table of contents, chapter summaries, and some thoughts around tooling. See what people are talking about the book on Twitter @designmlsys!

The book has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Thai.

The book is available on Amazon (US, India, + other countries), Kindle, O’Reilly, and almost everywhere where technical books are sold.

Machine Learning Interviews (2021)

This book was written with the candidates in mind, but hiring managers who saw the early drafts have told me that they find the book useful to learn how other companies are hiring and rethink their own process. The book is free and open-source.

Creative non-fiction

Outside of technical writing, I’ve also published four books in Vietnam which have sold more than 100,000 copies. My first book was’s #1 best-selling book of 2012. My first two books were among FAHASA Top 10 Readers’ Choice Books 2014.

Chip Huyen’s books on Goodreads

Xách Ba Lô Lên Và Đi - Tập 1: Châu Á Là Nhà. Đừng Khóc! Xách Ba Lô Lên Và Đi - Tập 1: Châu Á Là Nhà. Đừng Khóc!
reviews: 164
ratings: 1332 (avg rating 3.85)

Giấc mơ Mỹ - Đường đến Stanford Giấc mơ Mỹ - Đường đến Stanford
reviews: 187
ratings: 850 (avg rating 4.02)

Tuổi Trẻ Không Hối Tiếc Tuổi Trẻ Không Hối Tiếc
reviews: 145
ratings: 541 (avg rating 4.32)

Xách Ba Lô lên Và Đi - Tập 2: Đừng Chết Ở Châu Phi Xách Ba Lô lên Và Đi - Tập 2: Đừng Chết Ở Châu Phi
reviews: 62
ratings: 582 (avg rating 3.89)


Most of my writing is creative non-fiction, but occassionally, I indulge myself in the fictional world. Here are some of my old writing samples.

Anything I want
Even after you’ve washed them away, in the water that you take from the big tank Mom saves for cooking, there’s still that bitter, lemony taste on what is left.

It was the end of my second year and I was already sick of school. Sick, sick, sick, sick. A sophomore with the soul of a 5th year post-doc.